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2020-7-6 Meeting Minutes

For a printable version of the July 07, 2020 Meeting Minutes (which includes all content as listed below), click here.

July 06, 2020

The Board of County Commissioners of Creek County (BOCC) met in Regular Session on Monday, July 06, 2020 at 9:00 a.m., date and time duly posted.

Item #1: Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman, Newt Stephens Jr. Roll Call Stephens present, Warner absent, and Whitehouse present. Also, present Rick Selsor, First Deputy District #1.

Item #2: Statement of compliance with open meetings act-Chairman.

Item #3: Commissioner Stephens led the Pledge of Allegiance and  Invocation.

Item #4: Motion was made by Whitehouse and seconded by Selsor to approve the minutes of July 01, 2020 with correction to Public Comment #2 correcting location and day of funeral. Vote as follows: Selsor - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #5: Motion was made by Whitehouse and seconded by Stephens to approve Monthly Appropriations; Transfer $390,000.00 from 1102-6-400-2005 HWY-ALL HWY FY2019-2020 to 1102-6-4000-2005 HWY-ALL HWY FY2021; Monthly Reports from Treasurer, District Attorney, County Clerk and Health Department Blanket Purchase Orders#395 - 414; Purchase Orders #2019-2020 911 Phone SERVICE 6930 CIMARRON TELEPHONE CO 190.86; 6932 A T & T 1203.76; CBRI ASPHALT 6693 DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC 1398.26;Drug Court DRUG COURT ADMIN SERVICES 6413 HUMAN SKILLS & RESOURCES INC 3541.67; General AIR FRESHENERS 6379 Simply Scentsational 231.00; 6919 Simply Scentsational 18.00; BADGES/ETC 5754 MTM RECOGNITION 95.95; CCSO VEHICLE REPAIRS 6757 Midtown Auto & Diesel Repair Inc 982.49; 6806 I CARE AUTO GLASS & PARTS 251.00; CREMATION 6889 GREEN HILL FUNERAL HOME 185.00; ELECTION ASSISTANCE 6696 CREEK CO ELECTION BOARD 1392.00; EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROG 6888 COMMUNITY CARE INSURANCE 172.70; JANITORIAL 4015 Trout, Darrel 240.00; Labor & Materials 3346 HOOVER & HOOVER CONSTRUCTION 78000.00; POLLING PLACES 6386 CREEK CO ELECTION BOARD 0.00; PUBLICATION 6713 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 545.40; RECYCLE SERVICE 5389 SHOW INC. 35.00; RENTAL 6556 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 9.00; Repairs 6403 JACK YOUNG GLASS CO 1045.00; REPLACE WINDSHIELD 6718 Safelite Fulfillment Inc 297.97; SERVICE 4005 COX COMMUNICATIONS 350.23; 6473 COX COMMUNICATIONS 169.70; 6914 Waste Management Of Tulsa 161.12; 6915 Waste Management Of Tulsa 282.60; 6927 COX COMMUNICATIONS 110.38; 6928 COX COMMUNICATIONS 46.15; 6929 COX COMMUNICATIONS 46.15; Supplies 6458 Merrifield Office Supplies 3077.61; 6467 Merrifield Office Supplies 91.78; 6745 Affordable Lock & Safe 180.00; 6839 Merrifield Office Supplies 790.70; 6902 Merrifield Office Supplies 42.74; Supplies & Materials 6846 L&W SUPPLY 198.40; TONER 6903 Merrifield Office Supplies 427.56; TRASH SERVICE 6917 Waste Management Of Tulsa 59.77; TRAVEL 5922 KEIFFER, JONATHAN R. 133.40; UNIFORM & ACCESSORIES 6833 Blade-tech Industries 270.23; UTILITIES 4024 O G & E 211.05; 6700 O G & E 1209.59; 6937 O G & E 5987.80; UTILITIES ELECTRIC SERVICE 6918 O G & E 1344.20; VETINARY SERVICES 6632 VETERINARY DENTAL CENTER 829.98; 6939 ADVANCED CARE VET HOSPITAL 23.08; Health LAWN CARE 6292 MARK CROMWELL 400.00; OVERAGES 5715 PREFERRED BUSINESS SYSTEMS LLC 170.54; Repairs 6241 Clifford Power Systems 2784.38; Salary/Benefits 4732 Okla State Dept Of Health 78185.00; 5144 Okla State Dept Of Health 78185.00; SERVICE 5724 Metro Security 45.00;6304 Waste Management Of Tulsa 117.01; Service Call 6844 Raby Plumbing 165.00; Supplies 6909 Merrifield Office Supplies 533.94; TRAVEL 4741 FARLEY, KELLI 92.58; UTILITIES 6296 O G & E 1300.29; 6297 O N G 39.11; 6308 CITY OF SAPULPA 167.25; 6312 CITY OF BRISTOW 99.69; Highway CONTRACT SERVICES 6828 B & C BUSINESS PRODUCTS 264.00; EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROG 6887 COMMUNITY CARE INSURANCE 60.50; SERVICE 6490 A T & T 258.94; 6491 A T & T 346.50; SERVICE CONTRACT 6476 ATLINK SERVICES LLC 324.95; Supplies 4987 HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS 53.54; 6319 WALMART 142.96; Hwy-ST EMULSIONS 6706 ERGON A & E INC 23746.42; FUEL 6738 BOWERS OIL CO 9405.02; parts 6830 ADVANCED ELECTRICAL REBUILDERS 591.00; Parts & Labor 6493 WARREN CAT 1496.25; PARTS & SUPPLIES 5034 HI-LINE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 163.89; 6818 KAMAN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES 259.10; RENTAL 6523 Industrial Welding & Tools Supply 99.75; UTILITIES 6485 DRUMRIGHT UTILITIES 499.28; Jail-ST CCJ PLUMBING SERVICES 6933 CREEK ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS LLC 165.00; Installation 4926 CREEK ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS LLC 1170.00; NAT GAS/JAIL 6867 Symmetry Energy Solutions LLC 258.20; SUPPLIES/JAIL 6931 WESTLAKE ACE HARDWARE OK-020 55.89; TRASH SERVICE 6920 Waste Management Of Tulsa 619.23; Juv Dent-ST INTERNET SERVICE 6921 A T & T 66.63; NEW VEHICLES 6587 Kansas Highway Patrol Car Fund 20500.00; Law Library LAW LIBRARY SALARY 14 Bower, Laura 300.00; 15 Bower, Laura 300.00; 16 Bower, Laura 300.00; 17 Bower, Laura 300.00; ML Fee TESTING 6129 PICMED 891.00;

Planning/Zoning LEASE 6537 Quadient Leasing USA Inc 167.11; Resale JANITORIAL 6013 Gster Cleaning 520.00; SERVICE 5993 TM CONSULTING INC 1457.00; 6006 COX COMMUNICATIONS 51.30; TAX WARRANT SERVICE 6014 CREEK COUNTY SHERIFF 350.00; UNIFORM & ACCESSORIES 6136 SPECIAL-OPS UNIFORMS 805.27; SH Commissary Commissary items 6934 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 1019.86; 6935 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 122.63; 6936 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 1692.77;STRIPING/DECALS 367 I-CARE BOBY WORKS 700.00; Upfit vehicle 5841 Light Em Up Emergency Equipment 4803.45;SH Svc Fee TASER/SUPPLIES 6808 Axon Enterprises Inc, DEPT 2018 7050.00; 2020-2021 911 Phone SERVICE 370 A T & T 1554.38;  General SOFTWARE 88 TM CONSULTING INC 273.00; 89 KELLPRO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS 3750.00;Resale Maintenance 11 BUSINESS IMAGING SYSTEMS 2944.23; SOFTWARE 5 TM CONSULTING INC 3336.00;RM&P SERVICE 87 Brooks Jeffrey Marketing Inc 600.00; SOFTWARE 91 KELLPRO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS 28645.20; WEB HOSTING 86 Brooks Jeffrey Marketing Inc 1245.00. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #6: DISCUSSION of new business. (In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, Title 25 O.S. § 311(A)(9), new business defined as any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen within 24 hours of this meeting. Stephens announced that there will be no run-off in August, I have spoken to Joy Nafieh this morning. So, we need to discuss the election that was supposed to be held for the Fire Districts Sales Tax, with no other elections being held on that date specified we will be responsible for all election costs. This cost is estimated between $20,000.00 to $25,000.00; do we want to look at other options. There was discussion with Engle and Andrew Goforth about adding it to the November election. Goforth stated we are well within our 75 days' notice, it would just require a cancellation of existing Resolution and a new one with the new date. Dana Logsdon, Deputy Commissioner discussed the SA2 account has been used in the past for elections and there is money available.

Item #7: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to choose payment option #1 full payment for ACCO Worker's Compensation Insurance for Creek County for fiscal year 2020-2021 in the amount of $312,057.00. Stephens stated the savings would be $4,682.00, if we made one payment versus two. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #8: DISCUSSION/NO ACTION to consider choosing a payment option for ACCO-SIG Property and Liability renewal for Creek County for fiscal year 2020-2021. There was discussion of the savings being $5,565.00 if we choose one payment, also the increased amount was briefly discussed. Stephens stated let's pass this another week, to get a little more information.

Item #9: DISCUSSION/NO ACTION on hiring legal services for Planning case CCBOA-372, Dan Newman. Stephens discussed with Andrew Goforth giving a member the authority to get a contract, discuss the actions and services needed in case and then bring the contract back next week to approve. Goforth stated you have the authority to get a contract with the chosen legal, but you do not have the authority to enter into the contract. The Board is the only one that can enter into a contract, Stephens stated since I cannot enter into the contract, we can just pass the item and I will work on getting counsel.

Item #10: DISCUSSION/NO ACTION regarding letter from State Auditor's Office regarding Senate Bill 1888. Logsdon presented the Board with some more information from the Auditor's. Stephens stated this just tells us information about the account numbers, not how it is to be disbursed. Stephens stated statutorily with CIRB funds it is divided 1/3, 1/3, 1/3, I don't know that we can violate the constitution changing how the money should be split. There was discussion of ACCO asking for more guidance from the Auditor on how the monies should or can be split. Stephens asked why is ACCO asking the Auditor, isn't this something that should come from the AG for a legal opinion. Goforth stated it may be that ACCO is asking the Auditor's Office for guidance to ask for an Attorney General Opinion. 

Item #11: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Utility Permit from Oklahoma Comm Systems, Inc. dba TDS Telecom per County Specs for copper telephone line by boring and plowing, size of line 200 pair copper, size of casing 4" to cross and parallel S. 81st W. Ave and W. 191st St. S. approximately N. of intersection of Lake Jackson Rd and 81st W. Ave further described as 1275' S. of the N.W. corner of Section 7, T16N, R12E in District #1. Stephens stated that this is one of the steps the county has to protect the citizens statutory rights with utility permits. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #12: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Utility Permit from Creek County Rural Water District #2 per County Spec for water service line by boring 50' ditch to ditch, size of line 1", size of casing 2" to cross 10831 W. 151st St. S. approximately W. of 151st St. & off Hickory St. further described as 1110' E.  N.E. corner of Section 23, T17N, 11E in District #1. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item#13: DISCUSSION ONLY/NO ACTION on updating, modifying, or taking any additional protective measures or emergency action regarding COVID-19 virus outbreak. Laura Farris spoke to the Board on behalf of the Judges and the Courthouse. We are concerned with the increased numbers; we serve a large amount of people and we are operating back at full capacity. We are controlling the numbers within the courtroom; however large crowds are gathering within the common areas. We would like to start the discussion of requiring masks and temperature taking again, if one person gets the virus at the courthouse, it will halt the court system. As, we are navigating through this difficult time, we would like to have a sub-committee that is made up of Covey, Sheriff and Amanda, this way there can be discussion of what our needs are and we can discuss best practices. We are not going to be able to continue to have court outside, due to the heat rising. I want to have a plan in place, before a critical situation occurs and we cannot provide services. Covey Murray, Emergency Management stated we currently have 38 active cases in Creek County, I think that we all need to be wearing a mask and the people entering the buildings should as well. Stephens stated we have not had a major spike, its due to more testing. We do need to be cautious and be safe, but we cannot control everyone else's flow. The temperature takers would be hard to do, as it costs so much. I think it would be wise to invest in something more perinate. I have been looking at metal detectors that monitor temperatures, we need to check more into this. There was discussion of the County applying for reimbursement through the CARES Act for expenditures to date, this is in the process Mortazavi stated. Farris stated that she has seen interviews with other counties and the process was stated to be simple and quick. I don't want to see the county not benefit in that reimbursement. There was discussion of requiring masks and the sub-committee and how that sub-committee would operate. Amanda Vanorsdol spoke to the Board, my employees are nervous with the new numbers, I would like to see masks required. I will be installing glass partitions around my office and they will stay up. There was discussion of Officers can implement their own requirements within their office. Whitehouse agreed with the masks and that we need to look into a sub-committee to recommend what we should be following per the CDC. Bret Bowling, Sheriff stated we need to think about what if someone refuses to wear a mask, what would law enforcement actions be. Farris, stated she is not his legal counsel, but there had been discussion with the District Attorney's Office, that it would be obstruction and failure to obey a lawful order. There was discussion of the possible backlash this could have to the county; I want you to just be aware stated Bowling. We have concerns at the Jail and have implemented new protocol, but we are idling back within our departments. Stephens discussed people with COPD and other breathing health issues cannot wear a mask, so you might need to have some verbiage within your requirements of wearing a mask that covers that. I am not a fan of requiring masks, but do not have a problem with recommending them. There was discussion of reworking the court schedules so that there isn't so much over flow in the courthouse at one time. Farris stated we don't set the traffic dockets the troopers do; we have split as much as possible and are still doing dockets through the Blue Jean App. We also, need to be thinking of what procedures we need for jury trial that will be coming up as well. Vanorsdol praised the efforts that the Judges have done during this time, they have become creative and I couldn't be prouder of them. Johnny Brock asked if they have considered night court, Saturday court of other venues to hold court. There was discussion of different venues that could be used to hold court, we are looking into all the above. Stephens asked Murray when he has some spare time let's start working on the sub-committee and put together a sounding board that you simply just communicate to discuss issues and get recommendations. Goforth discussed the difference between a BOCC sub-committee and just a sounding board that discuss plans of action. Stephens stated to keep it simple, I think we just need a sounding board for discussion.

Public Comment: NONE

Adjournment: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse at 10:45 a.m. to adjourn and meet again 7-13-20. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.