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2020-6-8 Meeting Minutes

For a printable version of the June 8, 2020 Meeting Minutes (which includes all content as listed below), click here.

        June 08, 2020

The Board of County Commissioners of Creek County (BOCC) met in Regular Session on Monday, June 08, 2020 at 9:00 a.m., date and time duly posted.

Item #1: Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman, Newt Stephens Jr. Roll Call Stephens present, Warner present, and Whitehouse present.

Item #2: Statement of compliance with open meetings act-Chairman.

Item #3: Commissioner Stephens led the Pledge of Allegiance and  Invocation.

Item #4: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to approve the minutes of June 01, 2020 and minutes of special meeting held on June 4, 2020. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #5: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Transfer $76.29 from 001-1-2700-2005 General Government Civil Defense M&O Commissioners FY2019-2020 to 001-2-2700-1110 General Government Civil Defense Payroll Commissioners FY2020; Error Correction $33.94 from 001-1-2700-2005 to 001-1-2700-1110 FY2020; Monthly Appropriations; May Monthly Reports from County Clerk, OSU Extension Services, District Attorney, Treasurer, and Court Clerk; Monthly Reports from January through May Assessor;  Contract from B&C Business Products for District #2;  Blanket Purchase Orders #6606 - 6625; Purchase Orders # 2019-2020 911 Phone 255, A T & T, 1203.76, SERVICE256, A T & T, 1554.38, SERVICE257, CIMARRON TELEPHONE CO, 188.34, SERVICE258,Amazon Capital Services, 69.94, Dispatch office supplies259, OKLA DEPT OF PUBLIC SAFETY, 350.00, FEES260, OKLA DEPT OF PUBLIC SAFETY, 480.00, FEES; Court Clerk Preservation Fund 1, BUSINESS IMAGING SYSTEMS, 2954.82, MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT; Crt Clk Revolving 82, XEROX CORP, 619.84, LEASE83, Merrifield Office Supplies, 107.08, Supplies84, Okla Court Clerk's Association, 450.00, MEMBERSHIP DUES85, Merrifield Office Supplies, 344.90, Supplies; Drug Court 25, HUMAN SKILLS & RESOURCES INC, 3541.67, DRUG COURT ADMIN SERVICES; Excess Resale 13, ESTATE OF ROYCE CAMPBELL % PENNY CAMPBELL PERSONAL REP, 10706.01, RECORD OWNER; General 2947, LONE STAR SCHOOL, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2948, Beams Of Light Church, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2949, Foundation Church, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2950, MT OLIVE BAPTIST CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2951, THE WAY CHURCH, 75.00,POLLING PLACES2952, GOOD SHEPHERD EPISCOPAL CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2953, NAZARENE CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2954, TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2955, FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2956, ST JOSEPHS CATHOLIC CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2957, CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2958, BLUE BELL CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2959, DAVENPORT, KAYE, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2960, FREEDOM HILL BAPT CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2961, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH SHAMROCK, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2962,MID-AMERICA STOCKYARDS, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2963, First Baptist Church, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2964, SR CITIZENS BLDG, DEPEW, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2965, FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2966, ADVENT CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2967, PICKETT PRAIRIE BAPTIST CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2968, LEXINGTON RD FAMILY CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2969, CANYON RD BAPT CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2970, OAKRIDGE BAPTIST CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2971, SUNRISE BAPTIST CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2972, KELLYVILLE HOLINESS CHURCH, 75.00, POLLING PLACES2973, Merrifield Office Supplies, 169.99, EQUIPMENT2974, Trout, Tina, 99.99, TRAVEL2975, Trout, Tina, 21.97, TRAVEL2976, XEROX BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SOUTHWEST, 50.00, MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT2977, COX COMMUNICATIONS, 349.44, SERVICE2978, Trout, Darrel, 240.00, JANITORIAL2979, EMCO TERMITE/PEST CONTROL INC, 35.00, PEST CONTROL2980, EMCO TERMITE/PEST CONTROL INC, 35.00, PEST CONTROL2981, O G & E, 126.48, UTILITIES2982, Merrifield Office Supplies, 457.38, SUPPLIES2983, Standley Systems, 28.50, COPIER MAINT/ OVERAGE2984, COX COMMUNICATIONS, 174.98, SERVICE2985, Verizon Wireless, 160.04, SERVICE2986, Merrifield Office Supplies, 184.24, Supplies2987, Cleveland Petroleum Products, 268.49, Propane2988, GREEN GUARD FIRST AID & SAFETY, 250.96, First Aid Supplies2989, LOWES CREDIT SERVICES, 65.06, Supplies2990, A & M ELECTRIC CO INC, 450.65, Labor & Materials2991, JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, 97.22, Supplies2992, FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY, 9.00, Water Cooler Tower2993, Merrifield Office Supplies, 125.97, Supplies2994, DYNAMIC RECRUITING SPECIALIST, 873.60, TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE2995, COMMUNITYCARE EAP, 172.70, EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROG2996, FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY, 40.50, WATER29 97, Print Shop, 72.50, Shirts2998, DYNAMIC RECRUITING SPECIALIST, 101.00, TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE2999, ONE NET, 640.00,SERVICE3000, ONE NET, 470.00, SERVICE3001, O G & E, 3267.65, UTILITIES3002, DYNAMIC RECRUITING SPECIALIST, 2469.60, TEMPORARY EMPLOYEE3003, CITY OF BRISTOW, 65.92, Rent3004, INCOG, 5000.00, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES3005, Whetstine, Shari, 70.00, Rent3006, Merrifield Office Supplies, 499.48, OFFICE SUPPLIES3007, COX COMMUNICATIONS, 36.19, SERVICE3008, CREEK CO ELECTION BOARD, 6.66, REIMBURSEMENT3009, CREEK CO ELECTION BOARD, 27.38, REIMBURSEMENT3010, KELLPRO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS, 1024.00, EQUIPMENT3011, CITY WIDE PLUMBING, INC., 113.00, Labor & Materials3012, AIR COMFORT INC, 682.00, Labor & Materials3013, Light Em Up Emergency Equipment, 480.00, EQUIPMENT3014, BRISTOW TIRE & AUTO SERV. INC, 73.00, 3015, Castle.Com, 1758.92, EQUIPMENT3016, BRISTOW TIRE & AUTO SERV. INC, 511.60, TIRES3017, Merrifield Office Supplies, 183.98, OFFICE SUPPLIES3018, Amazon Capital Services, 46.99, OFFICE EQUIPMENT3019, O G & E, 773.02, UTILITIES ELECTRIC SERVICE3020, O G & E, 29.89, UTILITIES ELECTRIC SERVICE3021, ADVANCED COPIER SYSTEMS LLC, 238.50, COPIER CONTRACT3022, Baysinger Uniforms, 870.35, UNIFORM & ACCESSORIES3023, Baysinger Uniforms, 69.99, UNIFORM & ACCESSORIES3024, COMDATA INC, 5117.17, FUEL/DEPUTY CARS3025, THOMSON-WEST, 183.60, FEES3026, Lampton Welding Supply, 20.02, SUPPLIES3027, COX COMMUNICATIONS, 220.06, INTERNET SERVICE3028, GREEN HILL FUNERAL HOME, 185.00,CREMATION; Health 452, FARLEY, KELLI, 10.93, TRAVEL453, TATE, DEBBIE, 335.60, TRAVEL454, Metro Security, 45.00, SERVICE455, O G & E, 748.79, UTILITIES456, Standley Systems, 367.60, LEASE457, Waste Management Of Tulsa, 117.01, SERVICE458, CITY OF BRISTOW, 99.69, UTILITIES459, CITY OF SAPULPA, 115.17, UTILITIES460, Raby Plumbing, 350.00, Repairs461, THERAPRO INC, 339.26, Supplies462,BRISTOW NEWS, 15.30, PUBLICATION; Highway 1496, COMDATA INC, 238.98, FUEL1497, OTA PIKEPASS CENTER, 17.70, PIKE PASS FEE1498, KELLPRO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS, 684.04, SOFTWARE1499, COMMUNITYCARE EAP, 60.50, EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROG1500, JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL,709.98, PARTS/SUPPLIES1501, Midway Auto, Inc, 12650.00, Repair1502, OTA PIKEPASS CENTER, 8.25, PAYMENT1503, AMERICAN WASTE CONTROL INC, 62.00, TRASH1504, AMERICAN WASTE CONTROL INC, 325.00, TRASH1505, LOCKE SUPPLY, 976.00, Supplies1506, A T & T, 346.50, SERVICE1507, SNB BANK, 1476.23, BANK PAYMENT1508, Armstrong Bank, 1014.94, BANK PAYMENT1509, OKLA DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION, 1791.56, PAYMENT1510, SNB BANK, 1556.98, BANK PAYMENT1511, LamptonWelding Supply, 32.50, Supplies1512, Merrifield Office Supplies, 230.74, Supplies1513, FARM PLAN DBA ATWOODS, 75.00, PARTS & SUPPLIES1514, CINTAS CORPORATION NO 2, 41.22, First Aid Supplies1515, Lampton Welding Supply, 96.32, RENTAL1516, OTA PIKEPASS CENTER, 141.25, PIKE PASS FEE1517, VARNERS EQUIPMENT & HARDWARE, 18.78, Supplies1518, OKLA DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION, 1791.56, PAYMENT; Hwy-ST 657, GREEN GUARD FIRST AID & SAFETY, 200.13, First Aid Supplies658, P & K EQUIPMENT, 624.38, PARTS & SUPPLIES659, NAPA AUTO PARTS, 104.32, PARTS & SUPPLIES660, DRUMRIGHT AUTO SUPPLY, 204.60, PARTS & SUPPLIES661, FLEET PRIDE, 14.64, PARTS & SUPPLIES662, ECONOMY SUPPLY CO, 900.00, PARTS & SUPPLIES663, Republic Services #503, 104.58, TRASH SERVICE664,Summit Truck Group, 360.05, PARTS & SUPPLIES665, ERGON A & E INC, 1380.72, EMULSIONS666, TotalSIR, 36.50, TESTING667, GREENHILL CONCRETE, 1685.68, ASPHALT668, ECONOMY SUPPLY CO, 563.66, PARTS & SUPPLIES669, Yellowhouse Machinery Co, 4513.18, Parts & Labor670, JO-CO EQUIPMENT, 600.70, Parts & Service671, ANCHOR STONE, 232.39, MATERIAL672, OCT EQUIPMENT INC, 237.26, PARTS & SUPPLIES673, CROW-BURLINGAME CO, 318.91, PARTS & SUPPLIES674, YELLOWHOUSE MACHINERY, 130.75,Parts & Service675, STANDARD AUTO PARTS, 272.17, PARTS & SUPPLIES676, Industrial Welding & Tools Supply, 102.71, RENTAL677, GREENHILL CONCRETE, 295.08, ASPHALT678, ERGON A & E INC, 1620.10, CRS2 OIL679, DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC, 19908.51, ASPHALT680, Sellers Tire Inc, 130.00, Repairs681, Clarence L Boyd Company Inc, 807.30, parts; Jail-ST 913, FASTENAL COMPANY, 184.80, Jail window replacement914, Brooks Grease Service, 350.00, Maintenance915, CREEK ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS LLC, 378.00, REPAIRS/JAIL 916, WESTLAKE ACE HARDWARE OK-020, 208.55, JAIL MAINTENANCESUPPLIES917, Merrifield Office Supplies, 719.22, Supplies918, Merrifield Office Supplies, 326.69, OFFICE SUPPLIES919, SAPULPA RURAL WATER CO, 41.80, UTILITIES WATER; Juv Dent-ST 537, SYSCO FOODS, 1456.34, JUVENILE DETENTION538, Williams Grocery, 152.51, FOOD539, JACK YOUNG GLASS CO,345.00, JUVENILE DETENTION540, A T & T, 57.38, INTERNET SERVICE541, CITY OF BRISTOW, 222.82, UTILITIES WATER542, DISH NETWORK, 107.92, JUVENILE DETENTION; ML Fee 30, Merrifield Office Supplies, 2054.00, Desk; Planning/Zoning 77, Quadient Leasing USA Inc, 167.11, LEASE; Resale 441, COMDATA INC, 265.44, FUEL442, TM CONSULTING INC, 65.00, SERVICE443, SCENTS PLUS LLC, 24.00, AIR FRESHENERS444, Gster Cleaning, 650.00, JANITORIAL445, CREEK COUNTY SHERIFF, 50.00, TAX WARRANT SERVICE446, SAPULPA DAILY HERALD, 9241.44, PUBLICATION447, TM CONSULTING INC, 1457.00, SERVICE448, LEXISNEXIS RISK SOLUTIONS, 180.00, SERVICE449, OME CORPORATION LLC, 204.00, Supplies450, Merrifield Office Supplies, 911.48, Supplies; RM&P 89, Imagenet Consulting LLC, 707.40, TECH SUPPORT90, Imagenet Consulting LLC, 1228.00, TECH SUPPORT91, KELLPRO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS, 1772.50, EQUIPMENT; SH Commissary 162, Auto Enhancers, 200.00, 163, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 1801.76, Commissary items164, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 1442.67, Commissary items165, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 31.82, Commissary items166, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 53.08, Commissary items167, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 207.50, FEES; SH Svc Fee 204, Turn Key Health Clinics LLC, 28577.17, MEDICAL SERVICES/JAIL205, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 4189.60, FOOD FOR INMATES206, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 4249.26, FOOD FOR INMATES207, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 4172.76, FOOD FOR INMATES208, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 4080.90, FOOD FOR INMATES; Use-ST 38, QUAPAW COMPANY, THE, 12364.25, ROAD MATERIAL. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #6: NO DISCUSSION of new business. (In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, Title 25 O.S. § 311(A)(9), new business defined as any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen within 24 hours of this meeting.

Item #7: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to allow the use of the County Courthouse Complex by Sapulpa FOP Lodge #94 and Four Kings LE/MC Poker Run to be held on June 13, 2020, beginning at Central Tech at 8:00 a.m., and ending at the Creek County Courthouse Complex parking lot. Four Kings spoke to the Board stating this is a benefit for nursing scholarships for Creek County kids going into nursing. Jim stated this is a memorial event of his sister who was killed seven years ago, it helps keep her memory alive and also benefits local kid's scholarships. There will be food and entertainment as well, folks will start arriving around 2 from the run. The Board stated that the Four Kings have helped the community with these Poker Runs and they are always for a good cause. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #8: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to accept Bid#20-13 Janitorial Services for both Sapulpa and Bristow Health Departments and pass for one week until June 15, 2020 for review. Bids submitted by SourceOne Management Services Inc., Cleaning Technologies, Statewide Commercial Cleaning Company, Hometown Janitorial. Warner asked Anna Stringfellow, Health Department Representative who currently has the contract, Stringfellow stated Clean Scope and they didn't bid this time. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #9: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to pass for one more week until June 15, 2020 awarding Bid#20-10 6 Month Bridge/HWY Materials. Jana Thomas, Purchasing Agent stated she needs one more week to tally information for the districts. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #10: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner to pass for one more week until June 15, 2020 awarding Bid#20-11 Commonly Used Items. Thomas presented a spreadsheet with information from Merrifield and Admiral Express, it appears that Merrifield is higher by $294.00, but Admiral Express didn't bid on sixteen items that Merrifield did. Merrifield bid on every single item requested, even the carbon copyless paper that we will be switching too. The Board stated it doesn't appear that this is apples to apples and asked Thomas to prepare more information on the cost of the sixteen items that wasn't bid by Admiral Express and what that total would be. Stephens stated this is an example of where the cheapest isn't always the best, I would just hate to create confusion to save a few dollars with departments comparing bidders' items. Dana Logsdon stated that Merrifield has been more then willing to get items that we have need for the COVID Epidemic. Thomas stated she will work on further information from the two bidders. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #11: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to sign Cooperation and Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement between Muscogee (Creek) Nation on behalf of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Housing and Creek County Board of County Commissioner in the amount of $150.00 per parcel and with provisions to review before next year with County Treasurer and Commissioner,  see where we are compared to other counties and see the cost of ad valorem if it wasn't under agreement for possible negotiations of price. The Board and Goforth discussed the price from previous years.  Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #12: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse to approve the contract for licensing agreement between TimeClock Plus and the Creek County Board of County Commissioners for the Sheriff Office. Andrew Goforth, Assistant District Attorney advised the Board that this contract has a boiler plate indemnity clause within it, it discusses the misuse of product, as well as violating the license agreement. It states that the County will indemnity company. This product will be available to all Sheriff employees. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #13: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Utility Permit from Oklahoma Natural Gas Company per County Specs for natural gas pipeline by boring, size of line ¾" HDPE to cross S. 42nd W. Ave approximately 0.97 miles S. and 1.88 miles W. of US-44 and US-75 jct. further described as 2154' E. and 171' S. of the N.W. corner of Section 4, T18N, R12E in District #1. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #14: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Utility Permit from Oklahoma Natural Gas Company per County Specs for natural gas pipeline by boring, size of line ¾" HDPE to cross W. 201st St. S. approximately 5.05 miles S. and 0.88 miles E. of US-75 Alt. and SH-67  further described as 1,771' E. of the S.W corner of Section 9, T16N, R12E and N.W. corner of Section  in District #1. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Item #15: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner to designate Jennifer Mortazavi as signer for the Cares Act Grant for COVID-19. Goforth discussed the grant and how it is being offered through OMES. This item was heavily discussed amongst the Board on what items will be submitted. Stephens stated we know that Covey Murray has spent more than 50% of his time working COVID-19 from gathering PPE and sanitizing the buildings. There was discussion of producing the documented time and the timeframe in which it needs to be submitted for grant. Also, we have roughly $27,527.00 in purchase related items for COVID-19. Jana Thomas, Purchasing Agent has kept track of all documented purchases and can provide that information. There was discussion of the Sheriff Association and the Sheriff applying for grants and we don't want to be double dipping. This also led into the importance of having purchasing procedures in place, so that there is a defined method in applying for grants. Bowling stated this is why we all can see the importance of a grant writer for the county. We are having all departments applying for grants without the approval of the Board and then when it comes to preparing our SEFA Report, we are being written up for incorrect information, Mortazavi stated. We need to establish a process for all departments to follow when applying for grants, so that the information can be given to the SEFA Preparer. Bowling stated that Dean has been working on a grant for our office. Stephen discussed adding an agenda item to discuss the internal control, with all elected official that were recommended by the Auditor. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.

Public Comment: Bowling stated that next week he will be bringing over policy and procedures for the Sheriff's Office and the Jail to be accepted by the Board. We have been working with an independent company, as well as ACCO on getting this policies and procedures updated. This will also allow us to track and monitor training taken by employees. RRLMI in conjunction with ACCO have been in the front leading developing procedures for all counties. We will have a fee for the monitoring and all policies and procedures will be updated yearly. We will also be providing a copy to file in the County Clerk's Office for public inspection. There was discussion of when the last policy had been updated Sheriff policy was 2014 and jail was in 2004.

Adjournment: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse at 10:10 a.m. to adjourn and meet again 6-15.20. Vote as follows: Stephens - Aye, Warner - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.