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Award Bid#18-15 Option H

For a printable version of the Award Bid #18-15 Option H (which includes all content as listed below), click here

Jennifer Mortazavi
Creek County Clerk
317 E Lee, Room 100
Sapulpa, OK 74066
Purchasing 918-227-4909

May 21, 2018

The Board of County Commissioners for Creek County, in their regular meeting on May 21, 2018 awarded Bid #18-15 for the "Ruff in Plumbing" to the following vendors:

Hoover & Hoover Construction:

Primary: $17,000.00 Ruff in plumbing includes 1,000 gallon septic tank.
Option B: $22,200.00 Spray foam insulation on roof.
Option C: $13,500.00 Spray foam insulation on walls.
Option D: $12,000.00 Paint foam insulation on roof & walls above 7'4"tall.

As Funds become available:

Hoover & Hoover Construction:

Option E: $27,000.00 Steel stud walls & joist for interior build out.
Option F: $78,000.00 Sheetrock, paint, final electric & plumbing for interior. build out, price per spec- does not include countertops or cabinets.
Option G: $11,500.00 Tile walls in restroom.
Option I: $80,000.00 Install existing HV AC

Cornerstone Concrete Company

Option A: $49,875.00 Concrete slab.

Jana Thomas
Creek County Purchasing

March 18, 2019

The Board of County Commissioners for Creek County, in their regular
meeting March 18, 2019 awarded Option H on Bid # 18-15 for the "Ruff in Plumbing" to the following vendor:

Hoover & Hoover Construction:
Option H: $14,500.00 7'4" Tall linear panel
Inadvertently omitted from award on May 21, 2018
See attached

Creek County Fair Board Meeting
May 15, 2018
Creek County Fairgrounds

Call to Order
President Josh Enlow called the special meeting to order at
7:33 p.m.

Members Present:
Josh Enlow, Keith Nation, Terry Spencer, Jeff Gilbert and Perry

Members Absent:
James Stephens, Bob Pruitt, Darin Toliver, and Pecos McNiel

Others Present:
Jon Keiffer

The meeting was called to discuss the bid proposals for the
remodel of the Commercial Building. Three bids were received
with only one bid addressing all options of the bid proposal. Larry
Hoover quoted prices for all options, Cornerstone Concrete Co.
presented a bid for Option A - Concrete Floor. A&M Electric
submitted a bid for Option E and Option F - Rough in and finish
work on basic electric. Through Discussion A & M Electrics bid
was dismissed as there is more to the rough in and finish work
need than his bid covered.

Given that Hoover and Hoover was the only contractor to bid all
options, Discussion was made on what options to start with.

Motion Made: Perry Collins 2nd by: Keith Nation to accept and
approve bid from Hoover and Hoover for the Primary, Option B, C
and D in the amount of $64,700. Motion passed unanimously.

Members present discussed the two numbers presented for Option
A - concrete work.

Motion Made: Jeff Gilbert 2nd by: Perry Collins to approve the
bid from Cornerstone Concrete Co. in the amount of $49,875 for
Option A of the remodel as funds become available. Motion
passed unanimously.

Motion Made: Keith Nation 2nd: Perry Collins to Accept and
approve the bid from Hoover and Hoover for Options E, F, G, H
and I and to proceed with these options as funds become available.

During a special Fairboard meeting held on 5/15/2018,
The Creek County Fair board has reviewed the bids for the
remodel of the commercial building and has made the
following recommendations.

Primary bid and options B, C, and D to be awarded to
Hoover & Hoover Construction

Option A be awarded to Cornerstone Concrete Company
as funds become available

Options E,F,G, and I to be awarded to Hoover & Hoover
Construction as funds become available

Josh Enlow
Fairboard President
signatures of Josh Enlow and others