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2019-08-05 Meeting Minutes

Click here for a printable version of August 05, 2019 Commissioner's Meeting Minutes.

August 05, 2019
The Board of County Commissioners of Creek County (BOCC) met in Regular Session on Monday, August 05, 2019 at 9:00 a.m., date and time duly posted.
Item #1: Meeting was called to order at 9:01 a.m. by Chairman, Leon Warner. Roll Call Warner present, Stephens present, and Whitehouse present.
Item #2: Statement of compliance with open meetings act-Chairman.
Item #3: Commissioner Warner led the Pledge of Allegiance and Stephens Invocation.
Item #4: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve the minutes of July 29, 2019. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #5: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Contracts from Clifford Power for the Health Department; Monthly Appropriations; July Month Reports from Treasurer; OSU Extension Services; Transfers $17,933.20 from CBRIF-1 Co Bridge Road Improv Fund-Dist#l HWY FY201B-2019 to CBRIF-1 Co Bridge Road Improv Fund-Dist#l HWY FY2020; $23,023.80 from CBRIF-2 Co Bridge Road Improv Fund-Dist#2 HWY FY2018-2019 to CBRIF-2 Co Bridge Road Improv Fund-Dist#2 HWY FY2020; $15,000.00 from CBRIF-3 Co Bridge Road Improv Fund-Dist#3 HWY FY2018-2019 to CBRIF-3 Co Bridge Road Improv Fund-Dist#3 HWY FY2020; $712.54 from CCE-8 Creek Co Emergency MGT Commissioners FY2018-2019 to CCE-B Creek County Emergency MGT Commissioners FY2020; $50,000.00 from R3 Gen Gov't/Cap Outlay Commissioners FY2019-2020 to R3 Gen Gov't/M&O Commissioners FY2020; $15,000.00 from BMA-3 Building Maint/Cap Outlay Commissioners FY2019-2020 to BMA-2 Building Maint/M&O Commissioners FY2020; $37,724.37 from CED Circuit Engineering District Commissioners FY2018-2019 to CED Circuit Engineering District Commissioners FY2020; $191,422.31 from GA2 Gen Admin/M&O Commissioners FY2018-2019 to GA2 Gen Admin/M&O Commissioners FY2020; $85.17.00 from PUD-FP Flood Plain Commissioners FY2018-2019 to PUD-FB Flood Plain Commissioners FY2020; $0.01 from SR-1 FEMA-4299-DR-OK-#45 Commissioners FY2018-2019 to SR-1 FEMA-4299-DROK-# 45 Commissioners FY2020; $8,000.00 from WR911 WR911 Commissioners FY2018- 2019 to WR911 WR911 Commissioner FY2020; Blanket Purchase Orders #1025 - 104 7; Purchase Orders #2018-2019 CASH VOUCHER TAX CORRECTION 119 Marion & Gina Greer 200.00; CO JAIL MAINTENANCE Service Call 7072 AFC LOCKSMITH & SUPPLY 650.00; Supplies 5495 ECOLAB 726.91; 6212 ECOLAB 597.60; E-911 PHASE II EQUIPMENT 6605 Castle.Com 2409.75; SERVICE 6881 DEPT OF PUBLIC SAFETY 330.00; GENERAL ACCESSORIES 6716 Baysinger Uniforms 12.49; UNIFORM & ACCESSORIES 6973 Baysinger Uniforms 196.97; HIGHWAY STRIPING/DECALS 5934 CLARK SIGNS INC 99.00; HIGHWAY TAX Parts & Labor 7012 P & K EQUIPMENT 1232.03; TESTING 6079 TotalSIR 34.50; 2019-2020 911 Phone OFFICE SUPPLIES 1014 Merrifield Office Supplies 189.44; SERVICE 1067 CIMARRON TELEPHONE COMPANY 1368.57; Assr VI SOFTWARE 1063 LANDMARK GSI 0.00; Drug Court TRAVEL 985 LOEFFLER, MIKE 890.68; Excess Resale RECORD OWNER 12 Chris And Candice Tyson 526.87; 13 Estate Of Gary Lee Sullivan, 101861.17; General null 42 KELLPRO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS 3750.00; BOCC MINUTES 969 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 291.15; FUEL 1058 COMDATA INC 9241.55; LICENSE FEES 1080 PRO-VISION VIDEO SYSTEMS, INC, PRO-VISION 4515.00; OIL CHANGES 26 J & A CASTROL LUBE EXPRESS 414.91; parts 965 SCOVIL & SIDES HOWE CO 108.50; 1083 T & T POWERSPORTS 60.00; PEST CONTROL 120 EMCO TERMITE/PEST CONTROL INC 55.00; PROPERTY INSURANCE 1071 ACCO 283640.97; PUBLICATION 39 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 59.50; REIMBURSEMENT 1056 POMPA, CHAD 10.44; Repairs 1093 Clifford Power Systems 677.65; SERVICE 139 Elder Water Consulting Inc 165.00; 1019 Verizon Wireless 120.03; 1021 ONE NET 470.00; 1022 ONE NET 640.00; SOFTWARE 40 KELLPRO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS 3750.00; Supplies 786 Merrifield Office Supplies 1041.90; TIRE REPAIRS 556 BRISTOW TIRE & AUTO SERV. INC 25.00; TRASH SERVICE 1050 Waste Management Of Tulsa 59.77; 1051 Waste Management Of Tulsa 161.12; TRAVEL 183 Trout, Tina 54.20; 185 Myers, Randi 143.39; 186 Toothman, Olivia 422.43; 187 Self, Nancy 573.64; Utilities 107 4 0 G & E 457 .83; 1078 CITY OF SAPULPA 172.05; 1091 0 G & E 460.66; 1092 0 G & E 4 72.59; WATER 601 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 6.80; Health CARPET CLEANING 794 Dynamic Carpet Care LLC 445.00; DOT SERVICE 506 WIDDOES, DONETTE 440.00; MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT 496 PREFERRED BUSINESS SYSTEMS LLC 182.00; 1048 Clifford Power Systems 598.00; SERVICE 799 Mold Busters 2430.00; TRANSLATION SERVICES 505 WOZENCRAFT, GEORGINA 3201.00; TRAVEL 531 STRINGFELLOW, ANNA 106.00; 538 FARLEY, KELLI 20.80; 548 WIDDOES, DONETTE 671.60; 549 DAVIS, SHERRIE D. 40.50; 551 Frankenburger, Wendy 179.43; 882 BOYKIN, LINDA 88.00; Utilities 508 CITY OF BRISTOW 104.85; Highway null 225 WESTLAKE ACE HARDWARE 198.85; BANK PAYMENT 928 Armstrong Bank 1014.94; Boots 937 GELLCO CLOTHING & SHOES INC 75.00; FIRST AID SUPPLIES/DIST 3 830 CINTAS CORPORATION NO 2 306.30; FUEL 147 COMDATA MASTERCARD PROGRAM 471.71; MONITOR FEE 566 PATRIOT SECURITY SYSTEMS INC 40.00; parts 987 WELDON PARTS-TULSA 1344.00; PARTS & SUPPLIES 210 0 REILLY AUTO PARTS 1071.59; PAYMENT 251 OKLA DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION 1791.56; 945 OK DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION 1791.56; 948 SNB BANK 1476.23; 949 SNB BANK 1845.59; PIKE PASS FEE 250 OTA PIKEPASS CENTER 30.88; 1049 OTA PIKEPASS CENTER 5.45; PROPERTY INSURANCE 1072 ACCO 141863.03; SERVICE 387 AMERICAN WASTE CONTROL INC 325.00; 388 AMERICAN WASTE CONTROL INC 62.00; 986 PATRIOT SECURITY SYSTEMS INC 700.00; Supplies 248 Lampton Welding Supply 77.99; 264 TH ROGERS LUMBER CO 45.99; 266 TRACTOR SUPPLY CREDIT PLAN 99.99; 269 VARNERS EQUIPMENT & HARDWARE 39.24; 281 HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS 233.92; 564 Merrifield Office Supplies 135.45; TRASH SERVICE 855 TriFab Trash Service 80.00; TRAVEL 346 WARNER, LEON 43.56; Utilities 255 0 G & E 27.38; Hwy-ST ASPHALT 312 DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC 4875.94; 337 DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC 10240.07; 832 DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC 3702.08; 1000 DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC 6481.86; EMULSIONS 97 ERGON A & E INC 2552.41; 311 ERGON A & E INC 367.62; FUEL 445 HARRIS OIL CO 14364.36; parts 678 WARREN CAT 511.45; Parts & Service 298 YELLOWHOUSE MACHINERY 403.15; 300 WARREN CAT 498.42; PARTS & SUPPLIES 83 ECONOMY SUPPLY CO 269.22; 84 A TWOODS 360.95; 94 HARRIS OIL CO 204.75; 99 DRUMRIGHT AUTO SUPPLY 72.22; 104 0 REILLY AUTO PARTS 336.06; 107 NAPA AUTO PARTS 202.91; 110 WARREN CAT 1294.00; 286 0 REILLY AUTO PARTS 444.67; 292 CROW-BURLINGAME CO 757.75; 299 WELDON PARTS-TULSA 705.30; 305 Stewart Martin Equipment 257.08; 306 STANDARD AUTO PARTS 716.09; 568 STANDARD AUTO PARTS 542.39; 573 MHC Kenworth-Tulsa 2118.76; 752 0 REILLY AUTO PARTS 192.49; 870 ATWOOD $479.97; 938 JO-CO EQUIPMENT 295.00; RENTAL 315 Industrial Welding & Tools Supply 98.33; 747 AMERICAN WELDING 643.50; Repairs 291 Sellers Tire Inc 345.00; ROAD MATERIAL 112 QUAPAW COMPANY, THE 3641.64; 189 DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC 6310.26; 385 DUNHAM ASPHALT SERVICE INC 14126.81; SERVICE 87 AT & T 253.25; Jail-ST FUEL 1089 COMDATA INC 1717.20; LOCKS 322 AFC LOCKSMITH & SUPPLY 425.00; Repairs 760 CREEK ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS LLC 965.00; 990 Accurate Welding 100.00; SERVICE 1090 COX COMMUNICATIONS 2399.89; TIRE REPAIRS 377 CECIL & SONS 192.50; UNIFORM & ACCESSORIES 404 OKLAHOMA POLICE SUPPLY 9.00; Utilities 1017 SAPULPA RURAL WATER CO 1403.00; 1057 SAPULPA RURAL WATER CO 35.00; Juv Dent-ST Food/Supplies 380 Williams Grocery 40.20; FUEL 1059 COMDATA INC 34.89; PUBLICATION 466 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 226.40; Law Library LAW LIBRARY SALARY 2 Bower, Laura 300.00; 3 Bower, Laura 300.00; Planning /Zoning MEMBERSHIP DUES 1052 SCAUG 60.00; PUBLICATION 558 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 193.95; 1073 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 138.20; Resale SEARCH ENGINE 57 LEXISNEXIS RISK SOLUTIONS 105.00; Supplies 959 Merrifield Office Supplies 409.98; 960 WACOM SYSTEMS 25.00; Training 413 OSU-CTP 40.00; TRAVEL 374 ENGLE, DON 164.05; WATER 67 FIZZ-O WATER COMPANY 27.90; SH Commissary Commissary items 1077 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 1405.82; FEES 1018 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 625.00; Maintenance 726 Castle.Com 895.00; SH Svc Fee FOOD 1032 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 6021.13; Tax Refunds TAX CORRECTION 11 OGLE, BEVERLY 190.00; 14 Carter, Ernie 73.32;. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #6: NO DISCUSSION of new business. (In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, Title 25 O.S. §31l (A) (9) , new business defined as any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen within 24 hours of this meeting.
Item #7: Motion was made by Whitehouse and seconded by Stephens to approve public sale auction of property located in O.T. Bristow, W 35 Lot 4 & E 15 Lot 5, BLK 40 to Mike, Jean and Spencer Davis for $1,384.00 plus $85.00 filing & publication total $1,479.00. There were no other parties present. Gloria Ware, Deputy Treasurer stated there is no structure on the property. The physical address is 308 E. Ninth Ave, Bristow, OK. The Board asked if they are going to build on the site, The Davis's stated yes we are planning to build duplexes with handicap access. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #8: Motion was made by Whitehouse and seconded by Stephens to approve public sale auction of property located in Business Men's Lot 21, BLK 12 to Terry Butler for $507.00 plus $85.00 filing & publication total $602.00. There were no other parties present. Ware stated there is no structure on the property. The physical address is 115 S. Independence St. Sapulpa, OK. Mr. Butler asked how to remove the weed abatement lien on the property. Butler stated he checked with the City and they said there was no lien, but the records show there is. Stephens stated Butler would need to contact David Widdoes and get something in writing stating there is no lien with the City. The Board asked if Butler was going to build on the site, Butler stated yes. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #9: DISCUSSION ONLY/NO ACTION regarding updates on internet connection for the Collins Building. Stephens stated he had spoken to Matt with Castle Com and he quoted less than $1,000.00 to check our current system. He will need access to the first and seconded floors. He will run scans to see if there are updates going on during business hours and if there is spam sitting in someone's email that is sending out mass emails during the day. This is just for him to come in and check our system and see what we may need or if there is any current issue, this is not to repair anything. Warner asked if he had gotten a written quote on the price, Stephens stated I have nothing written just from conversation. Matt is pretty honest and if he stated it will be less than $1000.00, then he will stay within that price. Warner asked if Matt would be able to check what is coming in and going out of our system. Stephens stated yes, he will be able to do some of this remotely and some he may have to come to the Clerk's Office to do. Stephens said that Matt stated that he would be surprised if we need more bandwidth. Goforth advised the Board there is no action needed, just encumber a blanket purchase order with hourly rate and the hours expected.
Item #10: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to sign service contract with Pro-Vision Inc. for body cam software for $4,515.00. Bret Bowling, Sheriff stated that this is not on all camera's only the ones that are operable and this is just the software for backing up the camera's. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #11: Motion was made by Whitehouse and seconded by Stephens to approve Utility Permit from Bobby Rogers per County Spec's for water line by cut road, size of line 1 ½n, size of casing 3n to cross 177􀆆 W. Ave and parallel to 281st S. approximately 3/8 mile of HYW 16 in Section 24, T15N, Rl0E in District #3. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #12: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to sign Resolution #2019-82 directing the Creek County Treasurer to credit the Creek County Commissioners account (001-1-2000-1233/R5) workman's compensation in the amount of $15,522.06 with funds received from Creek County Court Clerk's Revolving Fund (7201-1-1400-1130/CCR) in the amount of $3.02, Court Clerk's Payroll Fund (1211-1-1900-1110/PFCC) in the amount of $205.54, Treasurer's Cash Voucher Resale Fund (1220-1-0600-2005/CV) in the amount of $420.65, County Clerk's Preservation Fee Fund (1209-1-1000-1130/CCPF-1) in the amount of $11.47, Sheriff County Jail Maintenance Payroll Fund (1315-2-0400-1110/CJMlA) in the amount of $9,362.83, Sheriff's Service Fee Payroll Fund (1226-2-0400-1110/SSFlA) in the amount of $89.75, Sheriff Service Fee Courthouse Fund (1226-2-3500-1110/SSF9) in the amount of $373.02, Sheriff Service Fee Jail Revenue Fund (1223-2-0400-2005/SSF9) in the amount of $39.64, Sheriff Service Fee Oklahoma Highway Safety Grant Fund (1526-2-0400-1110/SSFlS) in the amount of $62.52, Sheriff Juvenile Justice Center Payroll Fund (1317-2-0400-1110/JJClA) in the amount of $4,953.62, as per 62 O.S. § 335, and procedures implemented by the State Auditor's Office. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Public Comment: #1: Warner stated that the Creek County Planning Commission held their first meeting last Tuesday and the next meeting will be August 20, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Collins Ballroom. Janice DeRamus stated that the County needs to look into a microphone for the next meeting. You couldn't hear the meeting very well. Warner stated this is a great way to know what is going on in your county. This next meeting will be the first hearing for lot split and rezoning for the Creek County Planning Commission. Stephens stated we might want to check with the Fairgrounds and see who installed their sound system for the Ballroom. #2: Suzanne Shirey, Chamber asked if county filed the monument damage with FEMA. The Board stated they had not, but would look into it. The Four Kings are doing a fundraiser to raise money to replace it.
Adjournment: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse at 9:36 to adjourn and meet again 8-12-19. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.