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2019-07-22 Meeting Minutes

Click here for a printable version of July 22, 2019 Commissioner's Meeting Minutes.

July 22, 2019
The Board of County Commissioners of Creek County (BOCC) met in Regular Session on Monday, July 22, 2019 at 9:00 a.m., date and time duly posted.
Item #1: Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman, Leon Warner. Roll Call Warner present, Stephens present, and Whitehouse present.
Item #2: Statement of compliance with open meetings act Chairman.
Item #3: Commissioner Warner led the Pledge of Allegiance and Stephens Invocation.
Item #4: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve the minutes of July 15, 2019. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #5: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Contracts from Gladstone Inc. for the Fairgrounds; Transfers $25.16 from T2-ALL HWY Cash/M&O-ALL HWY FY2018 -2019 to T2-ALL HWY Cash/M&O-ALL HWY FY2020; $17,224.58 from T2-ALL HWY Cash/M&O to TlA-ALL HWY Salary HWY FY2020; $741.68 from SSF6 Sheriff S ervice Fee Federal Equitable Sharing Sheriff FY2019-2020 to SSF2 Sheriff Service Fees M&O Sheriff FY2020; Blanket Purchase Order #697 - 752; Purchase Orders # 2018-2019 CASH VOUCHER 658, A T & T, 41.23, SERVICE; 659, SAPULPA DAILY HERALD, 245.00, PUBLICATION; CO BRIDGE & ROAD IMPROV FUND 33, J&N Welding & Fencing, 6080.00, Materials; CO JAIL MAINTENANCE 1083, CHARM TEX, 1257.00, Mattress; 1084, Amazon Capital Services, 311.49, Supplies; GENERAL 3329, THOMSON-WEST, 170.00, SERVICE; 3330, Amazon Capital Services, 2571.75, EQUIPMENT; 3331, Standley Systems, 10.53, COPIER CONTRACT; 3332, B Sew Inn Lie, 142.92, parts; 3333, CDW GOVERNMENT INC, 2967.72, EQUIPMENT; 3334, JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL, 292.46, Supplies; 3335, 0 G & E, 1566. 75, Utilities; 3336, 0 N G, 110.68, Utilities; 3337, U S Cellular, 128.53, SERVICE; 3338, Tyco Electric Inc, 1104.17, PARTS & SUPPLIES; 3339, INCOG, 5000.00, ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES; HEALTH 563, Heath, Patricia, 53.15, TRAVEL; 564,, VIP Voice Services, 835.35, SERVICE; 565, Standley Systems, 367.60, COPIER MAINT; HIGHWAY 1634, CLARK SIGNS INC, 48.76, SIGNS; 1635, Fastenal, 25.52, PARTS & SUPPLIES; 1636, Castle.Com, 9381.00, Labor & Equipment; 1637, WILLIAMS MEDICAL GROUP PRACTICE LLC, 35.00, DRUG TESTING; 1638, WILLIAMS MEDICAL GROUP PRACTICE LLC, 35.00, DRUG SCREENING; 1639, SHARPES DEPARTMENT STORE, 75.00, Boots; 1640, WILLIAMS MEDICAL GROUP PRACTICE LLC, 35.00, DRUG TESTING; 1641, UniFirst Holdings Inc, 1064.74, SERVICE; 1642, TotalSIR, 34.50, TESTING; 1643, OTA PIKEPASS CENTER, 82.07, PIKE PASS FEE; HIGHWAY TAX 761, P & K EQUIPMENT, 373.09, PARTS & SUPPLIES; 762, OTA PIKEPASS CENTER, 3.85, PIKE PASS FEE; 763, 0 REILLY AUTO PARTS, 401.43, PARTS & SUPPLIES; 764, NAPA AUTO PARTS, 459.20, PARTS & SUPPLIES; 765, 0 G & E, 485.40, Utilities; 766, Great Plains Kubota, 2248.30, Parts & Labor; 767, Great Plains Kubota, 1763.95, parts; 768, Great Plains Kubota, 2130.78, Parts & Labor; PLANNING & URBAN DEVELOPMENT 50, CLARK SIGNS INC, 377.96, SIGNS; 2019-2020 911 Phone 18, Verizon Wireless, 89.34, SERVICE; 19, CIMARRON TELEPHONE COMPANY, 1368.57, SERVICE; 20, A T & T, 2235.96, SERVICE; CBRI 1, ANCHOR STONE, 2580.19, ROAD MATERIAL; CH lmprov-ST 1, CREEK CO PUBLIC FACILITIES, 86436.23, Agreement; 2, CREEK CO PUBLIC FACILITIES, 850.00, Agreement; Crt Clk Revolving 8, XEROX CORP, 632.42, LEASE; Drug Court 1, DISTRICT ATTORNEYS COUNCIL #24, 15000.00, PUBLISH/ANNUAL SALARIES; Fair Board 1, OKLA EMPLOYMENT SEC COMM, 2.50, UNEMPLOYMENT TAXES; General 141, GT DISTRIBUTORS INC, 679.40, AMMUNITION; 142, Midtown Auto & Diesel Repair Inc, 523.98, Parts & Labor; 143, I-CARE BOBY WORKS, 938.40, Parts & Labor; 144, BRISTOW TIRE & AUTO SERV. INC, 546.72, TIRES; 145, Merrifield Office Supplies, 46.82, Supplies; 146, Verizon Wireless, 1663.94, SERVICE; 147, NAPIER, TRACY, 20.00, REIMBURSEMENT; 148, FIZZ-0 WATER COMPANY, 44.10, WATER; 149, ALLIANCE MAINTENANCE, 215.00, JANITORIAL; 150, STAPLES BUSINESS ADVANTAGE, 51.98, Supplies; 151, COMMUNITY CARE INSURANCE, 172. 70, EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROG; 152, CITY OF SAPULPA, 1749.42, Utilities; 153, EAST CENTRAL ELECTRIC COOP, 475.00, Utilities; 154, EAST CENTRAL ELECTRIC COOP, 431.00, Utilities; 155, FIZZ-0 WATER COMPANY, 12.60, WATER; 156, 0 N G, 277.83, Utilities; 157, A T & T, 83.09, SERVICE; 158, Guardian, 71.98, INSURANCE PREMIUM; 159, A T & T, 48.00, SERVICE; 160, EMCO TERMITE/PEST CONTROL INC, 15.00, PEST CONTROL; 161, Simply Scentsational, 18.00, AIR FRESHENERS; 162, Siler, Melissa, 59.84, JANITORIAL; 163, Siler, Melissa, 59.84, JANITORIAL; 164, Standley Systems, 240.00, COPIER CHARGES; 165, CDW GOVERNMENT INC, 81.49, EQUIPMENT; Health 4, Payne, Kellie, 24.00, TRAVEL; 5, DEARMAN, SHEREE, 44.00, TRAVEL; 6, SANOFI PASTEUR INC, 18567.26, VACCINATIONS; 7, MERCK & CO INC, 10707.90, VACCINATIONS; 8, ORIENTAL TRADING CO, 103.03, Supplies; 9, BRISTOW NEWS, 44.00, SUBSCRIPTION; 10, Merrifield Office Supplies, 465.65, Supplies; Highway 96, Merrifield Office Supplies, 151.83, Supplies; 97, A T & T, 245.86, SERVICE; 98, EMCO TERMITE/PEST CONTROL INC, 65.00, PEST CONTROL; 99, PATRIOT SECURITY SYSTEMS INC, 40.00, SERVICE; 100, CHARLIES TEES, 425.31, Shirts; 101, PREMIER TRUCK GROUP, 101.98, PARTS & SUPPLIES; 102, OCT EQUIPMENT INC, 215.07, PARTS & SUPPLIES; 103, COMMUNITY CARE INSURANCE, 60.50, EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROG; 104, A T & T, 24.93, SERVICE; 105, 0 G & E, 36.94, Utilities; 106, A T & T, 180.49, SERVICE; 107, CINTAS CORPORATION NO 2, 359.09, First Aid Supplies; 108, AMERICAN PUBLIC LIFE, 54.03, INSURANCE; Hwy-ST 5, SIGNALTEK, 30.00, Maintenance; 6, ETHRIDGE OIL, 14764.76, FUEL; 7, BOWERS OIL CO, 311.00, Freight; Jail-ST 51, 0 G & E, 5720.97, Utilities; 52, Verizon Wireless, 402.03, SERVICE; 53, OKLA WHOLESALE OVERHEAD DOORS LLC, 125.00, Service Call; 54, 0 N G, 171.47, Utilities; Juv Dent-ST 37, SILVER BULLET PEST CONTROL, PEST SERVICES INC, 140.00, PEST CONTROL; 38, 0 G & E, 2245.05, Utilities; 39, COX COMMUNICATIONS, 1640.84, SERVICE; 40, Verizon Wireless, 89.34, SERVICE; 41, Brooks Jeffrey Marketing Inc, 2850.00, WEB HOSTING; 42, Brooks Jeffrey Marketing Inc, 120.00, EMAIL HOSTING; Law Library 1, LAW LIBRARY REV FUND, 8772.09, LAW LIBRARY REMITTANCE; Planning/Zoning 1, Standley Systems, 81.00, COPIER CHARGES; 2, SAPULPA DAILY HERALD, 47.10, PUBLICATION; 3, Merrifield Office Supplies, 121.92, Supplies; 4, STAPLES BUSINESS ADVANTAGE, 118.79, Supplies; Resale 24, ACCO, 95.00, REGISTRATION; 25, WACOM SYSTEMS, 85.00, LABOR; SH Commissary 9, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 1435.36, Commissary items; 10, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 617.62, Commissary items; SH Svc Fee 16, TIGER CORRECTIONAL, 6064.40, MEALS; Use-ST 2, JACK YOUNG GLASS CO, 142.04, Repairs. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #6: DISCUSSION of new business. (In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, Title 25 O.S. §311(A) (9), new business defined as any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen within 24 hours of this meeting. Warner introduced Lois Spinn, Oklahoma Insurance Commissioners Department pr esented an Proclamation to Jason Dobson, Olive Volunteer Fire Department Chief for receiving a class 5 rating. This is a great achievement stated Spinn and this is the only volunteer fire department to receive this rating. This helps enrich the community of Olive and allows the citizens of Olive to receive discounts in their insurance policies. Spinn stated that they were also impressed that Olive hauls its own water with the limited resources it has as a volunteer fire department as well. 
Item #7: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to accept the donation of two filing cabinets to the Creek County Planning and Zoning Office by Jeff and Kay Sparks, Owners of American Abstract and Title Company, Inc. of Sapulpa. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #8: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to accept the Creek County Treasurer's Fiscal Year 2019 Audit Report. Warner stated that the Treasurer received a clean audit report. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #9: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Stephens to accept Bid#20-l Land Records System for the County Clerk's Office and pass for a week until July 29, 2019 to review. Bids submitted by Kellpro Software & Technologies and Tyler Technologies. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #10: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner to approve change order for project 0211-42919, fencing project on S. 449th W. Avenue in District #3. Warner stated that this is an extension to the fencing project originally done along the highway approximately 1 mile in length. After starting project they needed additional fencing. Jana Thomas, Purchasing Agent stated that the original project was awarded per 3 written quotes, I have reviewed the change order and the unforeseen change is still by far the lowest bidder. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #11: DISCUSSION ONLY/NO ACTION to consider purchasing a plan with increased internet speed from Cox at the Collins Building. Warner stated that we are looking at increasing our internet speed from 100 mega bit to 1 gig. This cost will be divided among the Offices within the Collins Building. The estimated cost is around $395.00 more per month. We know that we are having speed issues within the building and if everyone agrees this will allow us to upgrade the current system and the internet speed coming in. Don Engle, Treasurer stated he thought that the needs had been addressed with another company. I am concerned that whatever Cox does, we will not be able to utilize it due to the firewalls. There was discussion with Andrew Goforth and the Board about the current system and what Cox had proposed to Tim. Stephens stated that he would like another set of eyes to come in and evaluate what we have and what we need before we move forward. I recommend Matt with Castle Com, he knows his stuff. Joe Thompson, Undersheriff stated that he could look at the current network and see what will work best with the building and equipment. It may be easy fixes. Jennifer Mortazavi stated I agree with having someone outside come in and take another look at what we need. Our internet speed is at a standstill at times with our cloud base programs. We just purchased a $2,600 piece of equipment that was recommended by Cox and it has not improved our speed at all. Stephens we need someone to come in and look at the complete system, it would be money well spent. Goforth asked what happened to the evaluation that was requested several months ago, Warner stated he never received anything. Warner asked Stephens to get with Castle Com and come back to the Board with the valuation of the system.
Item #12: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve Resolution #2019-76 instructing the Creek County Treasurer to credit the Creek County Commissioners General Fund (001-l-2300-1222/R4) with $673.45 for the reimbursement returned by Benefit Resources Inc., on a monthly basis, pursuant to the monthly report provided by the same. Vote as follows: Warner
- Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #13: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner to approve Utility Permit from Oklahoma Natural Gas Company per County Specs for natural gas pipeline by boring, size of line ¾" to cross Riva Ridge Rd. approximately 1.40 miles S. and 1.64 miles W. of U.S. HWY 44 and U.S. HWY 75 further described as 2,485' S. and 1,877' W. of the N.E. corner of Section 4, Tl8N, Rl2E in District 1. Stephens stated this is in Fox Briar and these are private roads, however we as the County still have a duty to oversee and make sure it is done to county specs. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Public Comment: #1: Troy Travis, Lochner introduced himself to the Board and gave them a list of Bridge inspections that the company has performed for other Counties. We are one of Ten Bridge inspection consultants that are ODOT approved. We have inspected 15 bridges within Creek County, mostly are old trust bridges.
Adjournment: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Whitehouse at 9:50 a.m. to adjourn and meet again 7-29-19. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.