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2019-06-03 Meeting Minutes

Click here for a printable version of June 03, 2019 Commissioner's Meeting Minutes.

June 03, 2019
The Board of County Commissioners of Creek County (BOCC) met in Regular Session on Monday, June 03, 2019 at 9:00 a.m., date and time duly posted.
Item #1: Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chairman, Leon Warner. Roll Call Warner present, Stephens present, and Whitehouse present.
Item #2: Statement of compliance with open meeting act-Chairman.
Item #3: Commissioner Warner led the Pledge of Allegiance and Stephens Invocation.
Item #4: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve the minutes of May 28, 2019 and correcting item #4 on May 20, 2019 minutes adding vote. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #5: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to approve April Monthly Reports from Sheriff; Error Correction $310.52 from CJMlA to JJClA Sheriff and $929.54 from CJMlA to JJClA Sheriff; Transfer $70,000.00 from MD3 Capital Outlay Health Department FY2018-2019 to MDlA Salary Health Department FY2019; $138,780.92 from CBRIF-105/CBI-105 Co Bridge & Rd Improv.-105 HWY FY2018-2019 to CBRIF-ALL/CBI-ALL HWY FY2019; $8.03 from Rl0 Gen Govt./Social Security Commissioners FY2018-2019 to SLlB Election Board/PT Salary Election Board FY2019; Blanket Purchase Orders #6607 - 6686; Purchase Orders #2018-2019 CASH VOUCHER null 6512 Merrifield Office Supplies 34.00; COMPUTER UPDATE 6111 TM CONSULTING INC 475.00; PUBLICATION 5498 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 1638.60; SERVICE 5362 COX COMMUNICATIONS 186.67; 5363 COX COMMUNICATIONS 48.48; Supplies 6513 Merrifield Office Supplies 98.00; Training 4188 OSU-CTP 130.00; 4211 OSU-CTP 65.00; CO CLERK LIEN FEES POSTAGE 6554 Neopost/Neofunds 300.00; CO JAIL MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT 6258 Massco 665.00; JANITORIAL 6354 THE VENT KING 325.00; LABOR 6598 Panco Inc 236.25; Parts & Labor 6262 Safelite Fulfillment Inc 347.97; Repairs 6502 AIRCO SERVICE INC 1584.00; 6591 Air Comfort Solutions 1100.00; 6596 CREEK ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS LLC 125.00; Supplies 5017 Merrifield Office Supplies 36.93; 5156 Merrifield Office Supplies 74.99; 6150 CHARM TEX 695.00; UNIFORMS 5452 SPECIAL-OPS UNIFORMS 416.54; Utilities 6526 Centerpoint Energy Service Inc 331.35; COURT CLERK REV FUND EQUIPMENT 91 Pointer Communications 3252.00; Installation 96 Pointer Communications 3500.00; Supplies 95 Merrifield Office Supplies 67.50; E-911 PHASE II FEES 6102 OK COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS 221.44; OLETS USER FEE 6012 DEPT OF PUBLIC SAFETY 350.00; SERVICE 6525 A T & T 254.00; GENERAL ACCESSORIES 6166 SPECIAL-OPS UNIFORMS 16.99; BOCC MINUTES 6338 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 277.35; 6459 SAPULPA DAILY HERALD 274.05; CLERICAL SERVICES 6528 NAIFEH, KEVIN 44.88; 6597 TEAGUE, JORDON 44.88; CREMATION 6386 GREEN HILL FUNERAL HOME 185.00; EQUIPMENT 6245 Amazon Capital Services 613.18; 6263 QUILL CORP 373.98; 6337 Amazon Capital Services 162.95; FURNITURE 6157 NATIONAL BUSINESS FURNITURE 3154.10; 6521 Merrifield Office Supplies 179.95; JANITORIAL 6027 Siler, Melissa 55.00; Lighting 6125 A & M ELECTRIC CO INC 2959.75; MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT 5389 XEROX BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SOUTHWEST 50.00; PEST CONTROL 5998 PRO TECH TERMITE& PEST SERVICE 150.00; Rain suits 6503 CHARLIES TEES 67.50; RECYCLE SERVICE 6024 SHOW INC. 30.00; RENTAL 6021 CARZOR CORP 70.00; Repairs 5783 I CARE AUTO GLASS & PARTS 50.00; 6228 I-CARE BOBY WORKS 4391.94; SALARY 3247 OSU CO-OP EXT SERVICE 10089.00; SERVICE 5084 COX COMMUNICATIONS 16.97; 5089 COX COMMUNICATIONS 44.55; 5093 COX COMMUNICATIONS 152.73; 5386 PATRIOT SECURITY SYSTEMS INC 15.00; 5398 A-1 Refuse 18.00; 5951 Elder Water Consulting Inc 165.00; 5985 SHOW INC. 300.00; 6032 COX COMMUNICATIONS 169.70; 6178 COX COMMUNICATIONS 165.82; 6569 COX COMMUNICATIONS 106.24; 6585 COX COMMUNICATIONS 143.58; 6587 COX COMMUNICATIONS 67.88; 6588 COX COMMUNICATIONS 33.94; 6589 COX COMMUNICATIONS 44.55; 6590 COX COMMUNICATIONS 34.82; SUBSCRIPTION 6031 ELECTION ADMINISTRATION REPORT 219.00; 6527 Grit 22.95; Supplies 6123 FACTORY DIRECT PARTY 598.00; 6208 Amazon Capital Services 84.00; 6465 UNITED TACTICAL SYSTEMS 1138.00; TRAVEL 6017 Toothman, Olivia 146.50; 6019 Trout, Tina 57.95; UNIFORM & ACCESSORIES 6210 SPECIAL-OPS UNIFORMS 804.32; UNIFORMS 4806 SPECIAL-OPS UNIFORMS 100.64; Utilities 6550 0 N G 40.30; 6551 0 G & E 35.91; 6552 Centerpoint Energy Service Inc 30.55; VETINARY SERVICES 4487 ADVANCED CARE VET HOSPITAL 23.78; HEALTH FOOD 6008 Rib Crib Corp 224.75; LAWN CARE 4043 MARK CROMWELL 400.00; PEST CONTROL 5181 BUG-A-WAY INC 595.00; Supplies 4658 WALMART CREDIT SERVICES 0.00; 5947 McKESSON 388.55; 6254 SMILEMAKERS INC 461.87; 6480 JOURNEYWORKS PUBLISHING 632.34; 6481 ETR 255.20; TRAVEL 6283 Givings, Samantha 299.00; Utilities 5183 CITY OF DRUMRIGHT 64.00; 5206 0 G & E 818.90; 5670 CITY OF SAPULPA 270.33; 5680 0 N G 41.38; HIGHWAY parts 6517 P & K EQUIPMENT 33.17; SERVICE 5690 A T & T 290.07; 6070 ATLINK SERVICES LLC 324.95; Shirts 3901 Witty Ideas 191.75; Supplies 6074 WALMART CREDIT SERVICES 106.03; 6455 Home Depot Pro 374.82; Utilities 6052 0 N G 95.58; 6072 0 G & E 84.54; 6073 0 G & E 359.85; HIGHWAY TAX OIL 5967 B & M OIL CO 2567.13; Parts & Labor 6202 LES S DIESEL SERVICE LLC 4216.46; 6449 LES S DIESEL SERVICE LLC 5050.51; SERVICE 6096 A T & T 309.24; Utilities 5517 DRUMRIGHT UTILITIES 90.00; JUVENILE JUSTICE CENTER Parts & Labor 5784 Hagar Restaurant Service 1169.35; SERVICE 6595 A T & T 59.81; Training 6236 CENTRAL TECH 240.00; Utilities 6510 0 N G 378.24; PLANNING & URBAN  DEVELOPMENT SERVICE 6586 COX COMMUNICATIONS 50.91; Supplies 6383 STAPLES BUSINESS ADVANTAGE 137.98; SHERIFF SERVICE FEES Commissary items 6553 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 1355.81; FOOD 6535 TIGER CORRECTIONAL 5235.81; FOOD SERVICE 6438; TIGER CORRECTIONAL 5249.17; WR 911 SERVICE 6548 A T & T 43.85; 6549 A T & T 904.92;. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #6: DISCUSSION of new business. (In accordance with the Open Meetings Act, Title 25 O.S. § 31l(A) (9), new business is defined as any matter not known about or which could not have been reasonably foreseen within 24 hours of this meeting. Warner stated that there will be a re-routing of the Tulsa Tough Bike Race, due to the flooding around Keystone Lake. There is still only one road closure requested which is 86th St. The route will be more through Creek County and on into Beggs and back.
Item #7: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to pass Bid#l9-20 Commonly Used Items for one week until 6-10-19 for more due diligence on reviewing of all items. Jana Thomas, Purchasing agent reviewed the spreadsheet provided to the Board with overall products bid. There are 30 pages of items bid and the Board asked Jana to email, so they can make sure items are apples to apples. Thomas stated she had been gathering items that the county had purchased over the year and some departments submitted their items purchased. Thomas went through a couple of items to show the savings that could be made. There was discussion of the discounts offered by each bidder on items that were not within the bid packet. Stephens stated from his overall gathering of the bid, is that Merrifield is a Creek County based company and is right in the middle of the overall total, but is better on the discounts. We can still use the state bids if needed and use them to compare shop and provide that cost to Merrifield as well. Engle stated he would like to keep the company local, so that the county benefits in the end. Stephens stated that this is an option for ways the County could save money, but again it doesn't prohibit a department from using the state contracts. Thomas stated you could review the difference in the costs during the budget process, to see which office is paying more money for the same items. Board asked that Thomas email the full report, so they could look at it in more depth. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #8: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to let for Bid#19-24 Ballot Printing contract for the Election Board to be opened 6- 17-19. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #10: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to pass for one week until 6-10-19 for discussion and possible action to consider surplussing and disposing of equipment for the Creek County Sheriff's Office for one week to review inventory of lighting of the (2) 2014 Dodge Chargers. Bowling stated that both vehicles have over 100,000 miles and one has damage from a wreck. We want to transfer them to the City of Bristow. Stephens asked if the lights are a part of the Sheriff's inventory, I haven't thought of this in the past, but if they are you should take care of both at the same time to keep your inventory records clean and updated. Bowling stated he would review with Dean, but is sure the past vehicles the lights had been removed. Bowling stated that the light may be separate on the inventory and not packaged. Stephens stated with the cost of lights now, I would just rather you take care of it all at one time. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #9: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Warner to sign Resolution #2019-57 surplussing a Mita DC-2360 copier and stand serial number Q137018558H and Resolution#2019-57A disposing of the same to be junked. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #11: Motion was made by Stephens and seconded by Whitehouse to sign Cooperation and Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement between Muscogee (Creek) Nation on behalf of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Department of Housing and Creek County Board of County Commissioners for $150.00 per parcel. Don Engle stated in the past before he took office it was at $125.00 per parcel and I think this year is higher than last years. Stephens stated he believed last years to be the same at $150.00 and Goforth confirmed that price. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye,  Whitehouse - Aye.
Item #12: DISCUSSION ONLY/NO ACTION to consider prioritizing small bridge projects and setting funding options. Stephens asked if anyone has had time to make their list. Both Warner and Whitehouse stated they have not, it has been busy from the storms. Stephens stated he wanted to focus primarily on the under 20' structures and let's make a big impact on those structures. Let's make this a priority to get our lists ready, so that Aaron can go out and do the reports, so that we can get some of them done with our funding we have. Warner stated that there are several dangerous ones within District #2, Anthamatten stated that several that had been damaged from the storm now, Stephens stated let's fix those right now and not try and worry about the funding just putting a band aid on those. Johnny Brock asked how many under 20' bridges/structures does the county have. The Board stated around 300-400 throughout the county. Public Comment: #1: Warner stated how much of a success the Route 66 Blowout and the Cruse the Night was. The Art show was discussed as well. #2: Stephens discussed the Police Office r Memorial stone that had been damaged during the storms. We will be opening a donation account within the County, I have had Bristow PD, Sapulpa FOB and the Kings wanting to donate money to replace the stone damaged and add another stone as well. To be transparent we will open a donation account in the name of Creek County Memorial Fund and issue all purchase orders through it. Adjournment: Motion was made by Warner and seconded by Stephens at 9: 55 a.m. to adjourn and meet again 6-10-19. Vote as follows: Warner - Aye, Stephens - Aye, Whitehouse - Aye.